Carbonless Forms for Hurricane Air and Swabbing

Carbonless forms books, printed by Industry Forms and Just Click Printing.   One of our customers, Hurricane Air, is an oil service company that works in  both Farmington, NM and the San Juan Basin, and in Williston, SD,  where in both places oil is king. The forms above are (1) a fuel log book, and (2) a Pre-Trip Rig Safety Inspection book. We print several other Carbonless forms books for Hurricane Air and other oil service companies. These two carbonless forms books are 3 part, with a white, yellow and pink sheets for both the Fuel Log Books and the Pre-Trip Rig Safety Inspection books. Our customer needs these forms with consecutive numbering. We do carbonless forms for Hurricane Air that include Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (2 part carbonless forms books), Hazard Observation form (2 part carbonless forms forms books), Work Over Rig forms (4 part carbonless forms books), Pipe Tally books (3 part, 8.5 x 14″ carbonless forms books), and several others. We design and typeset these forms, send a proof for approval, and print whatever quantity is needed, number them consecutively if needed, make them into books or as loose 2,3-4 or 5 part forms, and ship them to customers in a very reasonable time frame, generally within a week after approval of the proof. The forms can be sequentially numbered as most of these are, they are perforated for easy removal of needed sheets, and the back of the sheet can also be printed if needed. We print most carbonless forms with black ink, but have customers who request two color forms, or even full-color forms. Just Click Printing prints forms for oilfield  and other customers nationwide, and offers free shipping.

“Carbonless” refers to forms that automatically write through from the front sheet down to the following sheets. Carbonless forms books simply bind these in books of 25 or 50 sets of forms, depending on the number of parts need (50 sets of 2 part, or 25 sets of 4 part, etc.). They come in standard pre-collated sets of 2-3-4-5 parts. Sheet colors in standard sets are white, yellow, pink, and gold, with the 5 part sets adding a green sheet. Non-standard sets can be printed with sheet colors in any sequence, and can include blue sheets and manila or white tag as the final sheet. These forms are frequently Safety Inspection books, pipe tally books, invoices, invoice books, sales order books, requisition forms, rental forms, repair forms, garage forms, merchandise order forms, log books or inspection forms. Let us know what you need and we can help.

Industry Forms prints carbonless forms books in our Farmington, NM, production facility, and ships them anywhere in the US. We can design your forms, typesetting them to your custom specifications, and serving your needs nationwide. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our prices are reasonable and competitive, and the service is excellent. Contact us at

Hurricane Air Fuel Log Book         Hurricane Air Pre-Trip Safety Inspection


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